Yoga Class Schedule

Kids Yoga Program Schedule*

   Sunday Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday
No Class No Class Frisco 4:30 No Class No Class No Class No Class





     Kids Yoga @Frisco Tuesdays  4:30-5:15pm

*Class Schedule is subject to change, please call us to reserve your spot in advance and confirm schedule. Classes at Frisco Preston Trace location will resume in Fall.

Typical Kids Yoga Session

Each class is unique and includes warm ups, breathing techniques, poses according to the theme of the class, games, meditation and relaxation. Depending on the type of the class there are different projects from art, craft, origami, puppetry, sculpting, music, story-time, science, math, social science and literature which are included. We feel that including sensory props help kids to relate and understand yoga as it becomes more tangible and visible to kids. For example, blowing into balloon is how we fill our lungs with air to breathe and showing this helps kids to understand the breathing process better.

Events and Workshops: SMARTS club also organizes various events just for your organization, friends or family. Contact us to find out how we can help out in creating a special experience at your kid’s birthday party, meet up groups, corporate event or any social gathering. We are also deeply involved in community events so let us know how we can help our community kids in getting healthy by learning yoga.