Frisco Summer Camps


Kids Yoga: Every day we start with Yoga warm ups, kids appropriate poses with breathing exercises and end with Yoga games.

Bridge Curriculum: The student is assessed the first day of joining the camp to know their skill level. Each day we review one skill/concept and the kids are given worksheets to work on and are reviewed on the same day with the teacher. The subjects reviewed are marked on the schedule. There will be no makeup class for the missed day. However, the material would be given and can be completed at home. The worksheets completed during the week will be given on Friday to be taken home.

Drama Club:  This will engage kids in reading, comprehension of the text, acting, public speaking, creating and application of the theme of story through acting. Kids are divided into age appropiate groups to read a book and then enact it out. The teams come up with their own unique way to enact their parts and relay the message of the play. The kids perform

Puzzle Palooza, Bain quest : These activities are geared towards increasing visual spatial thinking and Non verbal skill and are great for Kinesthetic learning. Puzzles are age appropriate and skill based. Based on the type of the puzzle chosen for the week, the class will be either divided into groups for problem solving, or it will be solved independently and shared in the class.

Team Building: Great way to make friends and interact positively. Age appropriate games will be played. The teams will be given a problem and they would compete for the solution.

summer-camp-scienceScience Tech Engineering project: We would be choosing one STEM related Engineering Project in accordance to the skill level of the group and work towards completing by using recycled material e.g. Catapults, Judo bots, Rocket models. The models then be tried out to compete and see which group’s design is the best. The project will be show cased on Friday 4-5 PM

Mental Math: The only way to excel at mental math is to constantly practice it Kids will learn their math facts and work on math problems in their heads and sometimes on paper too.. We will use fun math activities that can help kids practice their mental math skills.

Young Chefs Club: Kids will make one delicious snack with no baking involved. We have trained staff who would be supervising the activities. It will include learning about international foods and dishes. This class promotes creativity, great interaction and fun at the same time with something simple as decorating their personal cookies. All supplies needed would be provided by SMARTS.

Arts and Crafts / Origami: Kids will work on one project each week which will be showcased on Friday between 4-5 PM

CAMP Explore

Science Camps:- Mad science Academy, Crazy Chemistry, Scientists Inc.:The science Camp was created in response to requests by parents to have a science camp. All Young Scientist activities meet or exceed the National Science Standards. Fun and excitement is fostered by great lessons and hands-on experiments in safe environments . We have a special science lab in our facility to hold experiments. Kids are encouraged to learn the scientific method.

Mad Scientist Academy : The Mad Scientist Camp covers a broad range of fun and exciting science topics such as: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Lab Process Skills. The kids are grouped on the basis of their age levels. No prior experience requirement.Age 5years and above summer camp robotics for kids

Crazy Chemistry: Young scientists learn about the chemical properties of the elements and the periodic table. Each workshop includes fascinating concoction of fun experiments and learning. No prior experience requirement. Age 5years and above

Scientists Inc.: This camp gives budding scientists a chance to be different scientist everyday eg. Paleontologist, genealogist, Pharmacists etc. Young scientists learn the tools and scientific processes utilized by different scientists with hands-on experiments and building models. No prior experience requirement. Age 5 years and above

Robotics Robo Rules, Rocking Robots, Fun with Bots

Robot Rules: :Young Engineers will investigate, build, and interact with basic robot designs and concepts through the use of Lego We Do/ EV3 Mindstorm and predefined curriculum. The mentors will guide kids through step by step instruction of the project building and programming of the project. Students will improve communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills as they learn. No prior experience requirement. Age 5years and above

Rocking Robots: Young Engineers will have experience with the high tech/We Do Lego Mindstorm EV3 robotics platform. Here, students will engage in (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and Computer Science as they build, program, and test their robot with the EV3 Windstorm No prior experience requirement. Age 5 years and abovesummer camp robotics for kids

Fun with Bots: Budding Engineers will build their own robots based on the challenge presented to them each day within a given time. They will be using the world class Vex/ Lego Robotics platform recognized world over and NASA.
Age: 7 years and above

Writers Camp: Make writing fun for your child with our Writers Summer Program. Creativity will be a huge part of this program. Your child will never be bored in one of our writing classes. Fun essay topics, group activities and out-of-the-box teaching make for the best atmosphere for learning.
Spelling and grammar are also incorporated into every writing session so that your child can become an expert author. Kids will be publishing a book as a class with an option to order for parents.
Age 7 years and above.

Chess mania, Chess mates and Chess: These levels are for beginner and advanced skill levels.
We will have chess fun throughout the summer including structured chess instruction, puzzles, skittles, rated and unrated tournaments.

Minecraft and Modding camp: In this course, students enjoy learning computer programming basics by modding their Minecraft game. Not only will they be learning how to improve their game, they will also be picking up valuable skills that will assist them throughout their schooling and careers. Students will study things such as writing code, creating layers, and the beginnings of graphic design. In essence, this camp transforms Minecraft from being a game into being a tool that allows children to create and learn. No prior experience requirement. Age 7 years and above

Makers’ Club: Kids will Learn to Operate 3D Printers and their growing use in technology and the Maker Movement. They will design and make projects and learn to code to make projects using 3D printer

This is a unique camp to discover inspiring ways to imagine, design, invent, tinker and make through hands-on projects, interactive challenges and collaborative creations. This week-long camp fosters creativity, builds confidence, and sparks interest in science, technology, engineering, math and the arts. Every youth can be a maker – so let’s start making! No prior experience requirement. Age 6 years and above

Java Programming: Course Description: This is a beginner’s level approach to computer programming using the Java language. Students will develop and apply algorithms to solve real-world problems. Programming concepts will be taught using structured programming techniques such as data types, program input/output, if statements, loops, arrays, and lists. Object-oriented programming will also be introduced. Other topics include debugging, hardware components, and social implications of computer systems. Upon completion of this course, the student will have created software programs using computer science programming concepts.

Public speaking- speak to lead, Speakers for Life: It has even been suggested that the reason why so many adults have a fear of public speaking is because they never learned how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd as children.A child needs to overcome the fear of the stage and performing in front of a large crowd from the very beginning, it becomes an essential aspect of school extra curricular activities if you wish to see your child perform to the best of abilities at debates and other speaking competitions.
Speak to Lead- is focused on public speaking, debate and presentation skills to help children of any age gain more confidence in front of an audience, whether it be at home, at school, or in their future careers. This confidence will follow them in whatever they do in life and help them to become leaders….for life! The class includes: Fun games to teach public speaking skills, building confidence exercises, speech writing, presentation planning and choice of right words. The camp ends with a speech contest among the contestants
Age: 6 years and up

Speaker for Life: The objective of this coursework is to teach communicating with ease on stage or in front of large audiencel. It also familiarizes the kids with stategies to overcome the fear of public speaking. It teaches them how to choose the right words, preparing and structuring a speech in a formal speech with Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The camp ends with a speech contest among the contestants
Age: 6 years and up

Cognitive skills- Mind Bender and Brain Twisters

Mind Bender: These are unique camps created for kids looking for challenge. It is great for ll the kids who are looking for new activities that challenge their cognitive knowledge. We have special problem solving activities, puzzles and escape rooms created for out of box thinkers Thee camps are good for all grades and all kinds of learners

Brain Twisters: Get ready to become proficient in solving puzzles and become a problem solvers for a brain twisting challenges given to you every day. Great way to keep kids engaged in high level thinking activities.

Free Fidget Spinners Opportunity

That’s right! We are giving away free fidget spinners to every child enrolled for summer camp. This includes anybody in the STEAM camp or special skills classes. Feel free to come into our Main street location to find out more! This offer cannot be combined with another special.

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