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Math Tutoring For Kids in Frisco

Sending your child to their first day of Kindergarten is an emotional rollercoaster and can become stressful as the year goes by. This first year of schooling is critical being the foundation to the rest of their lives. Kindergarten is a time for children to explore outside of their home and immediate family and it should be taken as such. Many parents make the mistake of badgering their children to do their homework or getting irritated when their child isn’t grasping a certain concept. This is where tutoring comes in, and more specifically math tutoring. Math tutoring is essential to a stress-free first year of school because tutors can personalize their teaching methods to every individual. They take into account every student’s learning methods and the pace they are going in. As Kindergarteners, they are expected to learn a lot in a year but it does not have to be intimidating to them. In contrary, the curriculum that is taught in schools can be learned through experience and playing with their peers. Personal tutors have the advantage of being able to teach basic concepts and apply them to the real world for the children in order to not overwhelm them. Kindergarteners are expected to learn counting, addition and subtraction, and basic geometry. Using toys, everyday items, and real world examples will allow your children to understand the information instead of regurgitating it.

This word is key to education on all levels from Pre-K to college graduation, without comprehension, there is no gained knowledge. Here, at SMARTS Club we believe that everything can be taught with the proper tools and we help Kindergarteners to really comprehend these topics which will be used for the rest of their lives. Parents should always encourage hands-on work and we would love to show you some ways you can help your child learn. For an adding exercise, all you need is a deck of Uno cards and a set of Dominos.

Frisco Math Tutors For Kids


  1. You can set up the Uno cards on a table with a box of Dominos next to your child.maths tutorial frisco,tx
  2. Let them count the number on the Domino or add the two sides.
  3. Then tell them to place it on the Uno card.
  4. Check their work in the end and let them try again.

When learning to add they are able to identify how many different ways you can add two numbers to make up another number.
For example, they will see that 2+2=4 but so does 1+3=4.

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