SMARTS Yoga for kids in Frisco

School Year 2015-16

Class Schedule For Academic Excellence

Preston Trace Blvd at Preston Road4-5pm5-6pm6-7pm7-8pm
MondayGrade 3 MathGrade 4 ReadingGrade 6 MathGrade 8 Math
TuesdayGrade 3 ReadingGrade 4 WritingGrade 6 ReadingGrade 8 Reading
WednesdayCogAT (Grades K-2)Grade 5 MathCogAT (Grades 3-5)Grade 8 Science
ThursdayITBS (Grades K-2)Grade 5 ReadingGrade 7 ReadingGrade 7 Math
FridayGrade 4 MathGrade 5 ScienceITBS (Grades 3-5)Grade 7 Writing

Schedule For Enrichment Activities

Preston Trace Blvd at Preston Road5-6pm
TuesdayBollywood Dancing
WednesdayMultimedia Art/Painting
Public Speaking
Yoga (5-5:45)
FridayDrama Club

Class Schedule For Academic Excellence (West Frisco)

Main St At Teel Parkway4-5pm5-6pm6-7pm7-8pm
MondayGrade 3 MathGrade 4 ReadingGrade 6 MathGrade 8 Math
TuesdayGrade 3 ReadingGrade 4 WritingGrade 6 ReadingGrade 8 Reading
WednesdayCogAT (Grades K-2)Grade 5 MathCogAT (Grades 3-5)Grade 8 Science
ThursdayITBS (Grades K-2)Grade 5 ReadingGrade 7 ReadingGrade 7 Math
FridayGrade 4 MathGrade 5 ScienceITBS (Grades 3-5)Grade 7 Writing

Weekend Schedule for Test Prep Classes and Chess

Main St At Teel Parkway10-11am11--12noon12-1PM1-2pm
SaturdayCogAT(Grades K-2)
Chess (10:30-11:30am)
CogAT(Grades 3-5)CogAT(Grades 6-8)ITBS
SundaySTAAR Prep
(Grade 3)
(Grade 4)
(Grade 5)
(Grades 6-7)
* Schedule is subject to change. Classes can be added for your convenience. Please call to confirm.

Click to View Presentation of Kids Yoga Benefits

SMARTS Yoga for kids has been developed by Dr. Meenakshi Singh, PhD, E-RYT 200, a trained  and certified teacher with ten years of experience teaching yoga. Dr. Singh specialises in Kids Yoga programs and her students range from kids to adults. She has received feedback from parents that demonstrates that Yoga results in improved concentration, general health and retention power in kids.

SMARTS Yoga for kids program is taught through integrating various types of yoga poses, games, stories, breathing poses and meditation. The classes make kids very peaceful, focused and happy.Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control.

Yoga helps in reducing symptoms of ADHD, ADD, Autism, speech delay, depression and decreases restlessness. It is extremely beneficial for kids going through lot of stress, peer pressure, competition, and overuse of technology. SMARTS Yoga helps kids to be connected to their bodies, nature, and inner peace by channelising their energies (physical and mental)  positively.

SMARTS Yoga is very structured and stimulating for kids of all ages. This all translates into good grades at school and peaceful evenings at home.  Ask us how our Multisensory Kids Yoga Program can help improve your child’s focus and grades


A Short Video Presentation of fun way to teach kids Sun Salutation

Testimonial from a SMARTS Club mom: “My son looks forward to Wednesdays to do Yoga with Dr. Singh. His concentration and the ability to focus on his work has increased amazingly; even noticed by his home room teacher.”


We are making kids happier, healthier and yes SMARTer too!


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According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, yoga has been used for centuries as a way to decompress and relax. More recently, this ancient practice has been realized as an excellent tool for building strength, flexibility and balance. When a mother and child do yoga together, it’s an opportunity for them to exercise and learn healthy habits. But it’s also a time for them to bond in a unique and calming way. Mother and children’s combined yoga started out as a way for new mothers to lose weight after giving birth, without having to find child care, but it has evolved into a new and fun way to engage with your child in a safe, non-competitive environment.


For the most part, mother and kids yoga classes are a bit lighter in mood than traditional classes while staying focused on the main goals of greater strength, balance, breathing and flexibility. For babies and toddlers, you will use the young child to do unique poses that both work your muscles and pique her interest. For older children, you and your child will mostly work separately to achieve the poses, though some poses will be practiced  together. SMARTS Yoga is a fun way to not only spend quality time with kids but also get involved with some motor and cognitive activities with your kids like craft, origami, art projects. Yoga is also used to enhance reading,  and phonics with story time and poem yoga. We also teach science and math through Yoga poses and  yogic games. SMARTS Yoga engages kids and mom through kinesthetic, visual, auditory props. Imagination and creativity are inculcated in each class. The classes are based on a theme depending on the group. Each class is unique, fun and intelligently embraces each participant regardless of age and intellectuality.

Health Benefits

Recent studies by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine have suggested that yoga has far-reaching health benefits for both mother and child. For mothers, studies suggest that yoga can reduce blood pressure, back pain and feelings of depression. Children can benefit from better sleep and elevated mood. You can both enjoy a boosted immune system and lowered risk for arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Some studies have also suggested that yoga can help women quit smoking. A report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that breast cancer patients experience their lowest stress levels after a yoga session, which further illustrates the soothing benefits of yoga for stressed-out moms and their kids.

Contact us to find out how our Multisensory Kids Yoga can help improve your child’s focus and grades while keeping you both fit at the same time!

You can let the learning fun continue all year long by enrolling your child in our award winning After School Program or any of our academic classes including tutoring in all subjects, STAAR, cogAT, ACT, ITBS, and SAT Prep or extracurricular activities such as Chess, Robotics, Bollywood Dancing and Kids Yoga. We have two locations in Frisco and for your convenience we also offer all our academic programs online!

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*Informative sessions include a free diagnostics test (a $20 value) upon enrollment to help us customize the curriculum for your child. Call us for details.

At SMARTS Club we bring out the creativity in your child!