In this class, your child will learn all-out python as a programming language and how the language can be used to implement hardware and software solutions to any project. Students are introduced to text-based coding as they complete engaging lessons, solve challenging puzzles, and build their own games. These courses are ideal for students who are comfortable with the basics of programming concepts.


In this class, your student will learn about creating an internet of things (IOT). The Internet of Things (IOT) connects devices like refrigerators to the internet and uses software to make them smarter improve our daily lives. We will use devices such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s in order to create a cloud that can trigger different machines.

Electronics and circuits

In this class, your student will learn about circuitry and how different electronic components interact with others. Concepts such as voltages, sensors, lights, resistors, and capacitors are all covered in this course. By the end of the course, your child will be able to create complex circuits that use software and hardware that complement each other.


This Computer Assisted Design class is oriented on the architectural design of mechanics, buildings, and circuitry. Your student will learn about 3D printing and how engineers prototype machine parts in order to build new devices. Your child will learn how to use a Computer Design software, how CnC mills and 3D printers work, and we will even 3d print your child’s design all in this course.

Coding Basics and SCRATCH programming

This course is designed for those new to software architecture or for students looking to further enhance their programming experience by creating more efficient programs. In this course your child will learn programming basics that will solidify the foundation of computer languages so it will become easier for your student advance to higher level software design. We will teach techniques programmers in the real world use to create their programs easier to read, run without errors, and run in less time.