SMARTS Robotics Programs use Lego-based platforms for a beginner (WeDo) and advanced (Mindstorm/EV3) students. Kids learn engineering concepts like motors, pulleys, gears and apply those concepts to build working robots. The students also learn important project management and teamwork skills with core values that help them throughout their life.

EV3 Designs using sensors: Create new robot machines useful in the real world and be creative while using EV3 Mindstorm. Kids design robotic arm, make an aircraft launcher a music box and flight simulator, coin sorter and more.  Learn the use of different light and motion sensors that can help design robots that deliver functions accurately. Age 7 and above

EV3 Team Challenge: Discover the ultimate challenge with LEGO®  MINDSTORMS that gives you the power to create and command your own robots. Kids build vehicles, machines and more! Kids learn teamwork to share responsibilities and delegate tasks making sure everyone gets a chance to try different tasks. Learn to create new machines with EV3 from an extinct dinosaur, an agile serpent to an electric guitar. Learning The EV3 robots are programmed using a visual program and control the bots. Age 7 and above

Lego WeDo Bots: Learn how simple concepts are used to put together complex machines.  Create a zoo with a roaring lion, a hungry crocodile, clapping monkey and dancing birds. Kids also create a flying plane to an animated boat and racing car other projects Age 5 and above

Lego WeDo 2.0 Engineering:  Extension activities with more advanced engineering concepts to create Ferris wheel, Pulleys, spinning tops, airplanes and other complex machines. The machines are then programmed using Lego We Do software to animate them. Age 5 and above.