Spelling Bee

spelling-bee-frisco,txCalling all word wizards to participate in our third Annual Spelling Bee at SMARTS Club. There are many benefits from participating in SMARTS Club Spelling Bee:

    1. It promotes literacy by creating understanding of the syllables and phonics while learning the spellings.
    2. In addition to improving spelling, the Bee Challenge also aids children in learning about the origin and the roots of the word.
    3. Spelling Bee teaches kids to develop keen listening skills and discipline.
    4. It helps improve reading comprehension and inference skills among kids.
    5.  Improved vocabulary also aids in expressing thoughts clearly in writing as well as speaking.
    6. The benefits of spelling bees extend beyond language as children spell words on stage, which helps improve self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills.
    7. Improves ability to thrive under pressure during competitive challenges.

Registration is required for participating in SMARTS Club Spelling Bee. Please register your kids early for the challenge to secure your spot and take advantage of FREE weekly training at SMARTS Club every Tuesday between 5:00-6:00 PM. This FREE training is optional and while recommended, it is not a requirement for participating in Spelling Bee. The spelling lists will also be available to registered participants. If your child can do the next grade seplllings in addition to his/her own grade, then we encourage them to do so. The students are expected to know the spellings from all the lower grades as well, e.g. if your kid is in 5th grade then he or she should know spellings from grades 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Kinder as well. Kids would be competing with other kids from the same grade.

Registration fee is $35 per participant.  Rules and Procedures will be posted online, so stay tuned!

At SMARTS Club we continue to provide as we have during the past three years, a friendly platform for kids to demonstrate their talents and skills by participating and performing in various events such as our Annual Spelling Bee!

Contact us or use our EZ Online Registration to register for Spelling Bee.

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