Young Scientist Labs in Frisco

A unique program for school age kids ranging from 5 -14 years created by Dr. Meenakshi Singh who is HS science certified Educator in state of Texas. Young Scientist Lab Workshop in Frisco foster the inquisitive nature of budding scientists.  Each workshop meets the needs of a specific age group through hands-on activities that promote scientific thinking and reasoning. Topics include physics, chemistry,  biology, engineering, life sciences, and earth science.

The labs are hands on science classes that are aligned to the Texas Essential skill of knowledge. The classes engage young minds in learning about world around them through scientific method. Each Lab covers one with understanding science concept and science experiment and worksheets to be completed to gauge the understanding and document the experiment.

The classes are year round and based on the grade level.  Each 45 min class is conducted in science lab with workstations. Each young scientist is provided with safety goggles, lab coat and gloves before starting the class.

Young Scientists lab Flyer

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