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  • 08
    Sep 2014
    Reach for STAAR with our specialized workshops

    SMARTS Club brings out the creativity in your child! SMARTS Club listens when our valued parents and students speak to us…By popular demand we have added sessions to our premier STAAR, ITBS and  CogAT training and workshops and now offer Weekend Classes at our new Main/Teel location. Our specialized academic workshops are popular and consist of self contained [...]

  • 27
    Aug 2014
    SMARTS Club Information Sessions With Dr. Meenakshi Singh

    Dr. Meenakshi Singh can help your child succeed by sharing her knowledge and experience as a mother and a Texas certified teacher. A variety of topics will be covered in these information sessions held every second Saturday of the month including: -How to get the most out of public school system for your child? -”I’m bored [...]

  • 24
    Aug 2014
    SMARTS start here! Higher test scores! Bigger smiles! Choice of locations, programs, public events

    This is where learning becomes thinking, potential becomes possible…our award winning After School Program offers a wide variety of academic classes, enrichment activities and public events at two Frisco locations: 8780 Preston Trace Blvd (@Preston Road) 2770 Main Street Suite #128, #129 (@Teel Parkway) Academic Workshops: STAAR , Creative Writing, Power Reading, Weekend Workshops and more! Tournaments and [...]

  • 17
    Aug 2014
    SMARTS Club now offers locations, more programs and events open to public!

    SMARTS start here! Higher test scores! Bigger smiles! SMARTS Flyer 09242014 This is where learning becomes thinking, potential becomes possible…our award winning After School Program offers a wide variety of academic classes and enrichment activities at two Frisco locations: 8780 Preston Trace Blvd (@Preston Road) 2770 Main Street Suite #128, #129 (@Teel Parkway) Academic Workshops: STAAR [...]

  • 04
    Aug 2014
    Minecraft, Angry Birds and popular games as a STEM activity @ Young Engineers Club

    Minecraft is a great resource to teach kids STEM concepts. Minecraft has now become a craze among elementary and middle school kids. Science: Great way to teach gravity’s effect on sand, Minecraft can be used to teach scientific concepts to kids. Kids can actually learn about habitats and environments of animals. Technology: Minecraft is a [...]

  • 01
    Aug 2014
    SMARTS Chess Club Classes and Tournaments (USCF Affiliated)

    Chess develops your child’s reading and math ability, critical and analytic thinking skills and builds character and self-esteem. Many research papers have shown that there are benefits of learning chess and also how learning chess could enhance a student’s ability in solving math problems. Chess is an excellent conduit to encourage children to explore art, number [...]


Chess, Robotics & Public Speaking

We Combine Education & Fun to Help Your Child Succeed!

Welcome to SMARTS Club Learning Centers in Frisco and Online!


SMARTS Club strives to be the best educational institute serving students at both ends of academic skill spectrum from challenged to advanced students. We pride ourselves in improving the study skills of the students and making them successful academically as well as helping with their overall development. Our programs have been developed by Dr. Meenakshi Singh who has extensive experience in the field of education and child development. Dr. Singh’s programs provide a holistic approach to learning with structured activities to energize the brain as well as the body.  Here are top five reasons why you may consider enrolling your child in one or more programs at SMARTS Club:

1. Train rather than tutor

SMARTS Club is a better solution than tutoring. Tutoring is often a band-aid solution that may treat specific symptoms of a learning struggle, but does little to correct the root cause. Unless this root cause is addressed, the learning struggles repeat themselves. We have developed diagnostics tests that help us identify what causes the struggle. This in turn helps us develop customized training to strengthen the skills that your child needs to learn better and be successful.

2. Cognitive skills rule

Major portions of our life are spent and dependent on Cognitive skills from analyzing a complex data sheet to playing monopoly. It is important that a student is able to comprehend, analyze and infer based on his or her knowledge in all subjects and everyday life. We emphasize on reinforcing and building those cognitive skills in students step by step.

3. Importance of strategies

An old proverb says that if you give a fish to the hungry they survive for a day but if you teach them how to fish they become independent and never go hungry. We teach strategies of problem solving and the logic behind every concept is taught to give better understanding. There is a special hands-on approach to every subject so kids can relate and apply what they study from the books.

4. Integrated Mindful Yoga 

We stretch the young bodies with Kids Yoga to make the brains smart: mindful yoga is integrated in teaching kids reading, phonics, science and critical thinking . It is very important to teach kids to unwind their ‘wired minds’ from technology and take the pressure off their shoulders. This helps young kids to focus and be more attentive in school as well as sports. We have special SMARTS Yoga program developed for kids with behavioral issues or special needs. We use multisensory props to help kids build necessary skills while having fun.

5. Whole Brain Learning

We encourage creativity and thinking out of the box in kids by offering premier enrichment services for your child, these include academic as well as other activities that support the overall development for your child. We offer a variety of programs which appeal to the left brain learners as well as the right brainers.

SMARTS Club also provides training for and holds various competitions including spelling and geography bees, math and science leagues to challenge our kids.  SMARTS Club organizes, sponsors and contributes to various science fairs, field days and many other events at the local ISD’s, public libraries and other venues.

Based on the testimonials from parents and results achieved thus far, we believe we have a winning formula and our programs help build confidence in your child to meet and surpass your highest expectations for their overall success!

At SMARTS Club we bring out the creativity in kids! Call us today to find out how we can help your child succeed!