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  • 22
    May 2015
    School is out for summer! Learning continues…

    84% of teachers say students forget or “lose” skills, knowledge, or grade-level equivalency over the summer. Over time, summer learning loss can really add up: by the end of 6th grade, those who have lost reading skills are on average 2 years behind their peers. This summer slide is especially critical for those children without […]

  • 19
    Apr 2015
    SMARTS Summer Enrichment 2015

    Summer Programs by  SMARTS Club Summer is a great time to spend  in honing your academic skills and getting a head start for the next school year. SMARTS  Club is offering classes to help students maintain academic proficiency and acquire key skills needed for next grade. How does Summer bridge Curriculum classes help? We provide an overview of the […]

  • 09
    Apr 2015
    Top Ten Strategies to improve your STAAR Scores

     State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or STAAR tests are around the corner. Here are a few strategies that can help students to improve their STAAR test scores.  1.Analyze how you did on a similar test. Review your previous online tests and sample tests provided by your teacher, to prepare yourself for the test.  This is the website […]

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    Apr 2015
    Spring Kids Yoga for $3 a session!

    It’s that time of year when kids are ready to take a break from STAAR, studies and stress. Its time for kids to relax and rekindle the positive energy inside them. Spring yoga helps them to relax while being kids and animate into different poses inspired by the nature around us. Kids practice from bug […]

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    Jan 2015
    SMARTS Club STAAR Strategies – Weekend Workshops in Frisco

      Unique workshops to prepare your child just in time for STAAR tests.   These low cost high impact workshops include instruction of  STAAR test taking strategies,  practice worksheets, review with reinforcement of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and geared towards the mastery of TEKS. Grades Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5-7 Date/ […]

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    Jan 2015
    SMARTS Strategies for Spelling Bee

    Spelling rules are a bit like weather forecasts: we may use them, but we really can’t depend on them to be right 100% of the time. In fact, the only fool-proof rule is that all spelling rules in English have exceptions. Nevertheless, many writers find that certain rules help them to remember how to spell […]


SMARTS Summer Enrichment Options

Mini Chess Camp, Bridge Curriculum Classes, Summer Camp w great blend of activities

Welcome to SMARTS Club Learning Centers in Frisco, Online and soon coming to Allen!

Ten facts about how award winning SMARTS Club programs are contributing to education by using state of the art technology and highly engaging curricula:


1. High GT Placement Success Rate.  Our students have a 96% success rate in GT placement across various ISD’s. We prepare them for CogAT, ITBS and other tests.

SMARTS CogAT Class2. STAAR Preparation. We help kids ace the STAAR test through our specialized, hands-on workshops in reading, writing, math, science, Algebra I, Geometry and more.

3. Accelerated program placements. We prepare kids for accelerated math and science programs. Our content instruction has been developed to help SMARTS Club students qualify for Honors or fast paced Pre-AP and AP courses through MAP, and NNAT testing.

frisco enterprise4. STEM Enrichment. STEM programs hold a special place in our founder Dr Meenakshi Singh’s heart. Dr Singh organized a First Lego League team of kids and parent volunteers to participate in the Robotics Challenge. The team ‘The Warriors’ as they are called won the ‘Best Rookie team’ award and the ‘Core Values’ award in the tournament.  We also offer STEM based Robotics classes using Lego WeDo and MindStorm EV3 platforms.


5. Kids Yoga. We offer Kids Yoga classes developed exclusively for SMARTS Club by Dr. Meenakshi Singh who specializes in Kids Yoga with related certifications (E-RYT, RCYT, AT). We also hold Mom n Kids yoga sessions to encourage parents spend quality time with their kids.

SMARTS Club Chess 6. Frisco Chess Club.  SMARTS Club took the initiative to start Frisco Chess Club and made available USCF affiliated tournaments to kids in Little Elm, The Colony, McKinney, Allen, Prosper area which previously did not have access to a USCF affiliated Club. We have been running tournaments on a monthly basis and providing instruction to kids to improve their USCF rating while playing at tournaments.


7. Nurturing Multiple Intelligences. Latest Technology

We collaborate with the companies involved in the state of the art technologies in the field of education to help achieve optimized results for your child to be successful. For example, we are collaborating with Neurouplift a company that uses smart technology to provide strategies to tailor learning to the student’s strengths.


_MG_71658. Other Competitions. SMARTS Club is always looking for ways to provide a stage for kids to be challenged and organize different completions like Spelling Bee and Geography Bee. The kids are given free training for three months in Phonics, spelling rules, rules and practice to come on stage and rehearse for various competitions. The participation rate has been moving up significantly and our 4th Spelling Bee event this year was attended by almost 100 kids. SMARTS Club was the only after school program which hosted Geographic Bee to increase awareness among kids about the world they live in. We organized our first Geographic Bee in 2014 and the event was highly successful and appreciated by local schools and parents alike.

9. Community and Parental Involvement. SMARTS Club organizes free events for schools and community like Game nights, Art fairs, science fairs and many entertaining events like Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Daddy Daughter Valentine dance and much more. We also organize free seminars and webinars for parents to get more information about various topics including:

  • How to get the best out of the public schools?
  • What are the benefits of Gifted talented programs for kids? 

10. Value for money. Our enrollments have grown organically and mostly through word of mouth. Based on testimonials regarding our mission and our premier programs, parents love our competitive fee structure and the attention we provide to your child. We are making kids smarter and it shows in our results!