A comprenhensive diagnostic system which gives accurate
level of their skills based on the SMARTScore

College Admission Tests: SAT and ACT

Online Tutoring

Our tutoring programs are individualized based on results of an assessment test given to each student upon enrollment. We have experienced and certified teachers who love to make your student smarter!

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing

Smarts Enrichment

  • Chess
  • Leadership for Life
  • Robotics
  • Languages
  • Kids Yoga


Test Prep

  • CogAT
  • IOWA
  • CBE WorkShop
  • MAP

How SMARTS is Beneficial for your Child?


Child-Centric: Dr. Meenakshi Singh the founder of SMARTS saw a need for a learning center in which curriculum could be customized according to the academic or enrichment needs of the child. At SMARTS, our program is Child-centric, instead of the child having to fit into rigid “cookie cutter” type of programs offered by some franchises which do not even cater to their specific learning gaps. We develop a structured program that starts with assessing the student’s needs and individualizing the program accordingly.

Emphasis on Learning Styles: We at SMARTS believe that kids learn the most when we customize and match their learning style. We have playrooms with manipulative and Lego walls for brain breaks and full libraries where books are classified by their Lexile reading levels.

Online Tutoring and Enrichment Programs

maths tutorial frisco,tx

Math Tutoring

reading tutoring frisco,tx

Reading Tutoring

writing tutoring frisco,tx

Writing Tutoring

leadership for life frisco,tx

Leadership For Life

Gifted and Talented Programs in Frisco, Tx

GT Prep


SAT Prep Program


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