Our tutoring programs are individualized based on results of an assessment test given to each student upon enrollment. We have experienced and certified teachers who love to make your student smarter!

After School Care

Smarts Club Education and Enrichment in Frisco offers the convenience of after school care at our Preston facility.

Fun for them, peace of mind for you.

GT Prep

The GT program challenges our children to explore their minds and expand beyond the basic curriculum, indulging in deeper discussions and higher learning on more complex subject matter.

Smarts Enrichment

  • Robotics (K-8)
  • Chess-K and above
  • Yoga- All ages
  • Young Scientist Lab (K-8)
  • Leadership for Life ( K-12)

Frisco Tutoring and Enrichment Programs

after school care program frisco

After School Care

leadership for life frisco,tx

Leadership For Life

maths tutorial frisco,tx

Math Tutoring

reading tutoring frisco,tx

Reading Tutoring

writing tutoring frisco,tx

Writing Tutoring

Gifted and Talented Programs in Frisco, Tx

GT Prep


SAT Prep Program

yoga for kids frisco,tx

Yoga For Kids

How SMARTS Club is Different ?


SMARTS Club strives to be the best educational institute serving students at both ends of the academic skill spectrum. We work with children at all levels of achievement, whether challenged or advanced and everything in between. We pride ourselves in improving study skills and strategies, making them successful academically and helping with their overall development.

Our programs have been developed by Dr. Meenakshi Singh who has extensive experience in the fields of education and child development. Dr. Singh’s programs promote a holistic approach to learning with structured activities that energize the brain as well as the body.


How to Practice Spelling
How to Practice Spelling Following are the popular ways to learn and remember the spellings: Syllables:  Break your words down into syllables, smaller words, and smaller parts.  Once they are broken down, look for words within words.  For example, “together” can be broken down into “to” “get” and “her”. Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes: Consider [...]
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