dr-meenakshi-singhSMARTS Club is a unique program which follows Texas Essential Knowledge skills (TEKS) based curriculum. The most important features of the program are:

  • It helps your child succeed in learning the concept
  • Do well at school and in standardized tests.
  • Taught by trained teachers with a College degree.
  • The student to teacher ratio is small and each student gets ample individualized attention.
  • The instruction  and the content  are customized to suit the learning needs  of the child.
  • We give importance to the strategies to be used by the kids to understand and solve the questions
  • We pair up the class with warm up mental games that make the learning more interesting for the students.
  • Each of our learning centers have game room and rewards which can be redeemed for good behavior and homework grades.
  • Class participation is encouraged.

Feedback and Progress Monitoring

We thrive on the partnership with parents. We constantly provide you feedback on your child’s work, class participation and grades on the home work. We do not expect parents to sit down with the kids during homework time. Any question that is not understood can be marked and the tutors will go over that particular question in the class.

Homework Help

All the students enrolled in our program can ask for help on their school homework during the tutoring sessions. Our curriculum aligns with concepts at school and we want to assure that students are performing at their best. This boosts their confidence and also becomes a motivation for them to study hard.

We offer the following online tutoring classes for grades K-12:

At SMARTS Club we also coach and mentor for numerous competitions and Leagues like FIRST Lego Leagues, Future City, Texas Middle School Math and Science Competition (TMSCA), Science Fair, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, USCF affiliated chess tournaments, Youth Speech contest, and Math Kangaroo to name a few.

We provide workshops for standardized tests such as STAAR, CogAT, Iowa Assessments, MAP, IAAT, PSAT, SAT and ACT.

Overview Of Our Programs

SMARTS Club has three semesters throughout the year; fall, winter, and spring. Initial Enrollment in one of our tutoring classes will give you an invitation for a FREE SMARTScore assessment for your child to let you know the level they are currently at, with 12, one-hour classes.

While you can enroll your students at any time during the year these classes are directly aligned with the curriculum at Texas schools and adjusted based on individual goals and needs.

To learn more about our academic programs and our schedule, call/text us today at 214.578.7222 to schedule an appointment and one of our friendly staff members will be waiting to assist you and discuss specific education and enrichment requirements for your child.

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COVID-19 Update: We’re Open! Offering Online Tutoring and Test prep for New and Existing ClientsContact Us for Details