Summer Reading Challenge 2013: Your invite to a Snow Cone Party

Research has shown that sustained summer learning opportunities lead to higher graduation rates, better preparation for college, and positive effects on children’s self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. The research is clear that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect. The summer reading is the best antidote for the summer slide which happens during the summer when the school is out.

To kick off a great summer reading SMARTS Club is initiating a summer reading challenge. Kids, who complete reading ten  books/ or similar books from local library in their grade book list compiled by SMARTS Club, are invited for end of the summer snow cone party to celebrate their accomplishment. Please RSVP with your child’s name, age, grade, school, parents name, address and email to [email protected]  RSVP by June 30, 2013 for us to ensure we have enough space for your child(ren) . We would send you details of the snow cone party including the date and venue in early July.

Tips for parents to encourage summer reading                                                                                                                               

• Stress the importance of summer reading with your child.

• Make reading exciting and rewarding; don’t think of it as a chore. Always reward your kids for reading.

• Create a reading list and a reading log for summer.

• Create a no TV or electronic game time during part of each day.

• Join a summer reading program at your local library,  join a community book club or start one yourself with a few other parents in the community.

• Let your child choose his/her own books or follow a reading list provided by the library or a trusted program. SMARTS Club has done the work for you, just look for those or similar books and read on.

• Keep a supply of reading materials around the house.

• Go to the library regularly.                                                                                           

• Ask your child questions and make connections about the books s/he is reading.

• Read a book to your child.

• Listen to your child read to you.

• Pick a favorite author or series and read all the books.

• Listen to books on tape while traveling.                                                                                        .

The following resources provide more information about summer reading list to reduce the chances of learning loss when the school is out. Stay tuned, we would also be posting great activities to encourage kids to read, learn, and have fun in the summer sun.

SMARTS Club Summer Reading List for Grades K-6

Summer Reading for Kinder

Summer Reading for First Grade

Summer Reading for Second Grade

Summer Reading for Third Grade

Summer reading for Fourth Grade                                                                                              

Summer reading for Fifth Grade

Summer Reading for Sixth Grade

More summer book lists

At SMARTS Club we are making kids happy, healthy and yes SMARTer too!

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