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Free Practice Test SAT /ACT

The relevance of ACT and SAT tests in 2021

Despite SAT/ ACT being considered optional, these college admission tests are still crucial for the following reasons:
The tests are still considered by admission officers while offering the scholarships to the incoming students. Good SAT/ACT scores are a significant highlight when everything else on all college applications is similar.
The test scores showcase that the student is hardworking and is ready to take on challenges. The college admission officers do not have time to go over each essay and document of College admission. Standardized tests like SAT and ACT are quick to draw attention.
The test scores help your application to stand out in a crowd of applications. A low High School GPA can be very well supplemented with a good score in the SAT and ACT.
SAT and ACT would soon be required by universities like Yale, for the class of 2022. It is advised to start preparing and practicing the test so students would have ample time to send their best scores to the universities.

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    SAT/ACT Free Test

    How a practice test helps you prepare for SAT/ACT?

    SAT is a timed test. It takes 3 hours and 45 min to finish a full-length test. The practice test teaches students to use time wisely and understand the pace of the test. The practice test gives students an accurate picture of the tests.
    The test helps you understand the question types as well as the length of each section for Math, Writing, and Critical Reading. Practicing the official tests also helps in reducing the anxiety on the actual test day as students know what to expect.
    Taking practice tests also helps you understand whether you need additional practice on specific subject areas where you are losing score due to a lack of conceptual knowledge for the test. This helps the students get ready for the actual tests.

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