Frisco Spelling Bee

Our Annual Spelling Bee is back. Our Spelling Bee is one of many competitions we offer to boost our student’s knowledge and confidence level.
We have trophies for First, Second and Third place with certificates for all kids as every speller is a winner. We have two levels according to the grades. Level I K-3, Level II 4-8.
Each level will be winning separate trophies. Each child is eligible to participate in one level only depending on the grade.


We provide free training for the Spelling Bee, every Thursday from Dec 12, 2019. The last session will be held on Feb-12, 2020. During these sessions, Free training consists of going over the bee rules, word lists, stage etiquettes, spelling rules, phonics rules and strategies to learn spellings.

These training sessions are not mandatory for participation and there are no makeup classes offered for these sessions. Word lists are available upon registration.
We hope to see all the spelling champs on Feb-28, 2020!

Spelling Bee w/6 weekly training sessions leading competition – $35

Rules and Procedures for North Dallas Spelling Bee 2019

  1. The first round will include all spellers. Each subsequent round will include only those spellers who spelled their word correctly in the previous round.
  2. The students are called upon to spell according to the level. There are two levels
    Gr. K-3 and Gr.4-8. The pronouncer announces the word to be spelled. He speaks slowly and clearly, without distorting the normal pronunciation of the word. He uses the word in a sentence and says the word again.
  3. The pronouncers will give each speller a word. The speller must pronounce the word before spelling it and after spelling it. For instance, the pronouncer gives the word “bee” to the speller. The speller may ask for a definition and sentence. The speller proceeds by saying, “Bee, b-e-e, bee.” The judges indicate that the word has been spelled correctly and the speller sits down.
  4. The speller listens carefully to the pronouncer and asks for the word to be repeated if necessary. The speller will have 30 seconds to answer the word. The time count starts from the time speller say the word to spell it. The time spent in clarifying about the word. will not be counted. When the speller is sure she understands the word, s/he pronounces it, spells it and then says the word again. She must say it loudly and clearly enough for the judge to hear it.
  5. The judge(s) determines whether or not the word was spelled correctly.
  6. If the correct spelling was given, the speller remains in the Competition.
  7. If the spelling was incorrect, that speller is asked to sit down on the left side of the stage. The judge gives the correct spelling of that word. Then the pronouncer reads a new word to the next student.
  8. When there are only two spellers left, if one player misspells a word, the other player must spell that word correctly, plus one more word to be declared the winner of the spelling bee.
  9. Each level will have minimum of three rounds and maximum of 5 rounds. In an event of more than two finalist. Then we will have spell off.
  10. The level I participant spellers would not be eligible to participate in Level II.
  11. In spell off round the spellings will be given in sequence of their numbers and they would be disqualified if they spell the word wrong. The same word would be given to next kid.
  12. There would be no second chances given if the speller says the word spells it and says the word.

Rights of the Speller

The Rights of a Speller

In a spelling bee the pronouncer will say the word, use it in a sentence, and then say the word one more time. Before you try and spell the word you have some rights as a competitor. You can ask for one of the following:

  1. Repeat the word
  2. Definition of the word
  3. Repeat the sentence
  4. Ask the language of origin of the word

When it is time to spell the word you must first say the word and then spell it before saying the word once again. Be sure to take your time. Oftentimes, rushing can have you making silly mistakes. If you got it right, you are still in the game. If you got it wrong, you will no longer participate