Frisco Summer Camps

Top 7 reasons why families love SMARTSKILLS Camps!

  1. We provide a wholesome package of enrichment and academic learning throughout the summer. Our philosophy is that the school may be out but learning continues (at SMARTS).
  2. We have a SMARTS USP of combining Design thinking, STEAM, and Growth Mindset for STEAM ahead Camps. The skills taught during summer are transferable throughout your precious one’s life.
  3. We provide a nurturing warm and friendly environment for your child where they are safe and have fun throughout the day.
  4. During COVID-19 we are offering full-day and flex days camps only.
  5. Our camps are a digital detoxification for kids. No personal digital devices are allowed. The camps are hands-on which gives kids confidence and more learning experience.
  6. We have kids making memories and heartwarming friendships that are priceless.
  7. Our camp staff is trained, very friendly, and makes sure that each child is taken care of. The camp counselors are first aid and CPR certified and go through extensive training for the safety of the kids esp. during the COVID-19.

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Prerequisites: None
Suggested Age: 7 -12 yrs

Fitness Fun: The campers will start their day with invigorating physical activities-

  • Yoga time which includes practicing different poses, breathing techniques, sun salutation, and yoga games.
  • Music and Movement is moving and dancing to music very much similar to what we see in school morning assemblies.
  • Brain gym includes unique and physical movements that help keep the brain and body healthy.

Academic Access: Campers will be working on their next grade bridge curriculum workbook containing individual worksheets. The camp counselors will help out kids in learning the skills necessary for the next grade and also practicing and reviewing their current grade skills. All the worksheets are graded and returned by Friday the same week.

Lunch Break/Snacks: The kids eat lunch brought from home. There is a provision for lunch to be heated by the teachers on request. Please let the front desk know about any food allergies. We love to celebrate birthdays, special occasions and good behavior on Friday afternoons with snow cones, ice creams, cupcakes and more! Students are not allowed to be on personal devices during snack or lunchtime.

STEAM Ahead Camps

Young Einstein’s Club time is filled with hands-on experiments and fun time. Each week campers will conduct experiments and learn different concepts. The activity would be modified in accordance with the age, skill and grade level of the child. Various concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and earth sciences would be discussed and learned in accordance with the related scientific method. The campers will work on dinosaur digs, molecules, forensic science, light, circuits and so on. Campers will also build different models to take home. The campers complete the scientific method lab sheets after each experiment.

Arts and Crafts: Campers would be completing one art or craft project by using different media and textures. The project work is displayed on the Wall of Fame for everyone to appreciate the creative work.

Around the world: Campers learn important facts about different countries through virtual field trips. They make their fact sheets and a travel brochure with all the information. Important aspects of physical geography, culture, lifestyle, food and important landmarks are included in this activity.

Life Skills: Campers learn about the skills essential for learning to cope with self and social interaction. The topics range from dealing with peer pressure, bullying/ cyberbullying, internet etiquette, time and space organization, study skills, peer pressure to right nutrition, table manners, social etiquette like shaking hands to name a few. The format will be game-based and interactive.

Creative Thinking Time: Late afternoon is the time to animate kids in creative thinking and express their individual talents while being a team player.

Public Speaking includes different speaking games and topics each week. Important aspects of public speaking like eye contact, body language, speech content, and voice are covered. Kids enjoy presenting and debating their ideas about fun topics like why there should be two recesses in the school or changes they would bring to school if they are appointed as a school principal.

Story Telling: This is the favorite time for the kids where we put tables away and do circle time with kids. Students share their favorite stories with other campers. The campers love to get into groups and present their small plays and skits on different topics chosen by the camp teachers.

Lego Studio: Each week Campers will be given different Lego challenges and kids are grouped into teams to finish them in time. Kids enjoy getting together and brainstorming different ideas to accomplish the task given and win the challenge.

Game Time/Sign out: Kids engage in fun activities like board games, brain quest and puzzles at the end of the day. The board games include Scrabble, Grammar Quest, Chess, Equate, Bingo, Checkers, etc. The game time provides overall development including structure, strategy, being competitive, and teamwork.

Extended Care: Kids staying back for extended care can choose to play board games, blocks, read, color or do a word search, etc. They would be supervised by the teachers and be expected to use inner voices as we start our tutoring classes after the standard camp hours.

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